September 1, 1956

FRENCH IN CYPRUS: Washington, 31 – Today the Greek ambassador to the US, Mr Melas, when asked whether the situation in Cyprus would be altered by the presence of French troops on the island, replied that the presence of other foreign troops should not be considered an improvement on the situation. «There is a long tradition of friendship between the peoples of France and Greece. I regret that now there is the possibility of hostility arising between the French and Greeks.» TO GUY MOLLET: The Greek Anti-Colonial Association has sent a strong letter of protest to French Prime Minister Guy Mollet over his government’s decision which, the association wrote, was contrary to the principles of the United Nations and would be counterproductive as it would lead to an intensification of the anti-colonial struggle. Finally, it called on the French government to revise its decision immediately and to withdraw its troops from Cyprus. (Ed. note: The French forces’ presence in Cyprus was in view of an attack on Egypt due to the nationalization of the Suez Canal by the Nasser regime.)