September 3, 1956

TRUE VIPS AT FESTIVAL: According to a telegram sent to the Athens Festival organizing committee, the former prime minister and interior minister of Italy, Mr Mario Scelba, has accepted an invitation to attend the festival’s performances at the end of September along with other intellectuals and celebrities. He also agreed to participate in a visit by the French historian and Hellenist Albert Mousset. Another five distinguished German intellectuals are also to take part. They are: Professor Helmut Berve, a member of the Munich Academy of Sciences, a professor of ancient literature at the university in that city and also a prominent philhellene; Professor Karl Plumel, general director of the Berlin State Museum; Byzantinologist Franz Dolger, head of the Institute for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies; and, finally, the director of the Institute of International Relations, Franz Tierfelder. The Italian writer and journalist Curzio Malaparte, writer Ignazio Silone, poet Giuseppe Ugaretti and Dr Amanati, head of the international art exhibition of Venice, are also expected to visit Athens at that time.