Message of victory transcends loss

Once again Greece has shown what it is capable of. Even in basketball, even against the superpower of this popular sport, the USA. Friday’s great victory showed that success or failure is not a question of genes, or the size of a country. In this modern day and age, the Davids of the world are not automatically destined for failure. They win when they have clear goals and work as a team. What happened in Japan wasn’t a miracle, nor should we attribute it to pure luck. The Greek team reached the final because everyone worked hard and in an organized fashion. Officials and players didn’t take their international experience lightly, but learned from it. They did not limit themselves to talking about «Greeks’ special characteristics» but studied how the foreign teams succeeded in order to do the same themselves. Friday’s victory has a message for us that goes beyond sport. We can achieve enviable results in education, the economy, in tourism, in everything, as long as we proceed in the only way possible – through team effort with vision and a plan. Notwithstanding Greece’s loss in the final yesterday, Panayiotis Yiannakis’s team has given the country a golden lesson: The condition for success is hard work.