September 7, 1956

GREECE-USA: According to a Foreign Ministry announcement, the governments of Greece and the USA have signed an agreement that alters the legal status of US forces in Greece, granting them more privileges than other NATO member states. The new agreement provides the option of abolishing the provisions in the law on extraterritoriality of 1948. OLYMPIAKOS-PAO: Yesterday afternoon the final match in the September cup was played at the PAO stadium between Olympiakos and PAO, with Mr Christodoulou as referee and before a crowd of 15,000 people. The result was a 1-1 draw, so the cup went to Olympiakos as it had beaten AEK 2-1, with whom PAO had reached a 1-1 draw. During the first half, the game was lacking in interest as no goals were scored. In the second, the players played a better game. Olympiakos scored its first goal in the 6th minute after a shot by Polychroniou. PAO equaled in the 25th minute with an incredible shot by Sofianos. FRENCH IN CYPRUS: Washington, 31 – Today the Greek ambassador to the US, Mr Melas, when asked if the situation in Cyprus would be altered by the presence of French troops, replied that the presence of other troops would not be an improvement.