Reforms and elections

It is extremely positive that the prime minister takes every opportunity to issue reminders of his commitment to the electorate to proceed with reforms in all fields: the economy, public administration, education and health, and that he reiterates his conviction that «it is high time we got away once and for all from the problems and ailments of the past.» In this way, he dismisses the accounts that are being deliberately spread that the government is counting political costs ahead of the elections and is indefinitely postponing reforms. The premier’s reminder of the work he has ahead of him is welcome, but it may be primarily intended for a different recipient than the one we imagine. The Greek people feel the need for reforms, and want them. They realize that Greece cannot advance with a piecemeal approach to its problems. That is why the citizens voted New Democracy in by an overwhelming majority on March 7, 2004. The elections were a clear, stentorian order for reforms everywhere. And that’s what the populace is waiting for. Greece has wasted many years waiting for the appropriate time to make the necessary reforms. They cannot be constantly postponed because elections are due. That is why the prime minister is not addressing the Greek people when he emphasizes the need for reforms in the economy, public administration, education and health. Rather, he is addressing his ministers, asking them to expedite their work, to advance without hesitation or second thoughts in doing what ND promised – whether elections are on the horizon or not.