September 22, 1956

PANTELIS KAPSIS: (From a letter to the column «Athenian»): «I read what you wrote the other day regarding the history syllabus in Greek schools in Istanbul and the need for the subject to be taught over Greek radio. Since I am an advocate of teaching Greek history on the radio for Greek children abroad, allow me to relate my experience of this issue. A few years ago, during the premiership of Nikolaos Plastiras, I traveled to Istanbul. Naturally… I visited the Greek minority schools. Imagine my surprise on being told that the Turkish government does not allow Greek history to be taught in those schools. (…) When I returned to Athens I informed the late prime minister of these facts. He approved my plan and instructed me to consult with the then-director of the state radio company (EIR), General Christodoulos Tsigantes. Unfortunately I was unable to meet with him and I turned to Mr Dimitrios Pournaras, who assured me that he would implement my plan but only three months later when equipment would be available. The Plastiras govenrment was replaced by the Papagos regime… The 45 minutes I proposed were reduced to 15. Still later, the program was cancelled.»