September 23, 1956

GEORGE PAPANDREOU: The leader of the liberals, Mr George Papandreou, who is currently in Thessaloniki for the International Trade Fair, has made a speech at a meeting of friends in response to a speech by Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis at the opening of the fair. Mr Papandreou, referring to the part of the prime minister’s speech in which he said that bank deposits had increased, said that the increase stopped after the first two months of the year and totaled 166 million drachmas, compared to 286 million in July of last year. Regarding taxes, the leader of liberals said «the number of indirect taxes imposed on the lower income groups is astonishing.» Mr Papandreou added that production had decreased considerably and, according to indications, the trend would continue. ONLY MAKARIOS: Nicosia, 22 – Proclamations by the Cypriot Struggle Political Committee (PEKA) distributed in the streets of Nicosia today confirm that the only person authorized to speak in the name of the Cypriot people is Archbishop Makarios (who had been exiled to the Seychelles) and that anyone willing to discuss the drafting of a Constitution with the British in his absence was nothing but a traitor devoid of honor.