Talks the solution

Greece’s Primary Teachers’ Federation (DOE) decided over the weekend to prolong its strike for another week. Regrettably, the primary and pre-school teachers union failed to take into consideration the detrimental effect of last week’s strike action on the pupils in the country’s schools and on planning for the academic year, which has only just begun. The one thing that is clear is that the unionists did not take into account the impact of their mobilization on the parents and the Greek education system in general. Moreover, they have underestimated the risks emanating from the federation’s conflict with society and prolonged industrial action. There is only one solution to this deadlock. Protesting primary and pre-school teachers must opt for the path of dialogue, moderation and concession. If they fail to do this, for whatever reason, they will blacken the image of public education and incite a massive flight of pupils to private education.