September 27, 1956

GREECE-YUGOSLAVIA: Archbishop Dorotheos of Athens made the following statements to the press regarding his trip to Yugoslavia. «I would like to reiterate that my impressions from my stay in Yugoslavia are excellent. The honors bestowed upon the Greek church delegation were unprecedented. Everywhere we were met with Orthodox feeling and warm philhellenism… We held a memorial service for the hero of our war of liberation, Rigas Ferraios, within the fortress where he met his martyr’s death and for our heroes who fell at Pirot. The Yugoslav authorities participated wholeheartedly in these ceremonies…. Relations with the Serbian Church are now most cordial. BRITISH OFFER: Minister for Trade and Industry Mr Panagis Papaligouras has announced that Britain is willing to buy three quarters of the crop of Greek raisins. GREEK CINEMA: Sovexport Film has chosen three films for screening in the Soviet Union. They are «Sunday Awakening,» «A Mother’s Sacrifice» and «The Girl in Black.» The films have been sent to Moscow for processing.