September 27, 1956

EOKA RETALIATES: Nicosia, 25 – The National Cypriot Fighters’ Organization (EOKA) today took revenge for the hanging of three Greek Cypriots – Stelios Mavromatis, Michail Kotsaftis and Andreas Panagydis – by the British authorities on September 21. They blew up a British military vehicle carrying British soldiers through a mountainous region north of Paphos. One British soldier was killed and another 11 injured. The condition of three of them is very serious. A British military spokesman announced that the trigger of the weapon used in the attack was believed to be a remote control device. FREDERICK SODDY: London, September 26 – The world famous physicist and chemist, Professor Frederick Soddy, has died in Brighton at the age of 79. Soddy won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1921 for research that led to the discovery of isotopes. He also contributed to the theory of atomic fission. A member of the Royal Society, Soddy was also one of a group of 18 scientists – all Nobel winners – who last November published a proclamation emphasizing the risk of polluting the world through the use of nuclear weapons.