September 28, 1956

GOLD PRICES: Washington, 27 – During yesterday’s meeting of World Bank delegates, the revaluation of gold was debated. The United States Treasury secretary said that his government was against any increase in the current price, which is at present 35 dollars per ingot. ROCK’N’ROLL: London, September 26 – The rock’n’roll frenzy, until now restricted to the masses, has recently taken London’s bluebloods by storm, as police were forced to intervene in the early morning hours at a farewell party for Antony Moynihan, the 20-year-old heir to Lord Moynihan. PHOTOGRAPHY: Yesterday evening was the grand opening of the First Panhellenic Photographic Art Exhibition at Zappeion Hall, organized by the Greek Photography Society (EFE) within the framework of the Athens Festival under the auspices of Minister to the Prime Minister Constantine Tsatsos. HEADLINES: Anthony Eden in Paris hints at a revival of the Entente. Debate to begin at the UN Security Council of the British-French and Egyptian demarches (regarding the Suez Canal). Trial of June «rebels» begins in Poland; Western press present. Communist China has reduced restraints on intellectuals.