September 30, 1956

KARAMANLIS AND THE CROWN: The Prime Minister Mr Constantine Karamanlis made this statement last night: «Recently there have been several insidious attacks against the Crown… Persons of sinister political persuasions and with suspect national affinities have been the agents of these attacks, which are… aimed at wearing away the throne as the cornerstone of the state and our national regime. I denounce to the Greek people this unholy and unpatriotic conspiracy… The Greek people got to know their monarchs during tragic times when the very existence of the nation was at stake. I am certain that the Greek people and patriotic politicians, irrespective of their partisan affiliation, as one will ignore those who are exploiting what is holy and sacred and put their faith in the Crown and their love for their King and Queen.» PAPANDREOU ON CROWN: (Statement made on October 1, 1956): The leader of the Liberals, Mr George Papandreou, said there was no problem in Greece regarding the nature of the regime nor enemies of the Crown, but only those who were exploiting the monarchy and the prime minister knew very well who these people were.