Thursday Members of the State High Schools Federation (OLME) and state employees hold a protest rally starting outside Athens University on Panepistimiou Street at 11.30 a.m. Singer George Dalaras to be appointed Goodwill Ambassador to the UNHCR at the Old Parliament building. President Karolos Papoulias is due to attend the ceremony. The 14th Annual Eurochambers Congress takes place in Thessaloniki. The theme this year is «Communicating Europe: Sharing the Vision, Delivering the Results.» To tomorrow. The 3rd International Biotechnology Forum opens in Athens under the auspices of the ministries of Foreign Affairs, Development and Health, the National Organization for Medicines and the European Association for Biotechnology EuropaBio. To Sunday. The Greek Scientific Association of Information and Communications Technologies in Education opens a conference titled «Information and Communication Technologies in Education» in Thessaloniki. To Sunday. Friday The Department of Primary Education of the University of Patras and the Laboratory of Modern Greek and International Education Historical Archive start the 4th International Scientific Conference, titled «History of Education: The History of University Education.» To Sunday. Saturday A congress on the integration of the Southeastern European Energy Networks takes place in Thessaloniki, organized by the Panhellenic Federation of Employees in Petroleum Refineries and the Chemical Industry. A forum titled «Career Days» is being held at the Olympic Stadium. The aim is to bring together businesses and future employees. To Sunday. Sunday The 4th international conference on Pathways, Networks and Systems is being held on Myconos. For further information contact [email protected] To Friday.