October 6, 1956

BEVAN AND WILSON: London, 4 – Andrew Bevan and Harold Wilson, at the Labor Party congress in Blackpool, sent a letter to the colonial secretary, Mr Alan Lennox Boyd, protesting yet another death penalty issued in Cyprus against a Greek Cypriot, P. Xenophontos. It appealed for cooperation in restoring conditions of peace in Cyprus and commuting the death sentence. They reminded the secretary that since the execution of three Cypriots on September 15, another nine Britons and four Cypriots have lost their lives. More executions, they added, would only serve to intensify hatred and make it more difficult to reach any settlement. SCANDINAVIANS AND CYPRIOTS: Stockholm, 4 – Representatives of humanitarian organizations in Sweden, Norway and Denmark met here today to discuss the possibility of establishing an air bridge to send food supplies to the inhabitants of Nicosia, who have been condemned to starve to death due to restrictions imposed by the British governor of the island, Field Marshal Sir John Harding. The delegates, from 42 humanitarian organizations, agreed to an action plan in the event that the restrictions continue.