October 6, 1956

ITALIAN INTELLECTUALS SUPPORT KRANIDIOTIS: Rome, 5 – A group of prominent Italian intellectuals, including Giuseppe Ungaretti, Giambattista Angioletti, Emilio Secco and Ignazio Silone, have appealed to British Prime Minister Anthony Eden in the following telegram: «The Italian poets and writers, deeply concerned at the arrest of the Cypriot poet Nikos Kranidiotis and amazed at his extended detention, express the hope that the British government will find a way to give him his freedom.» A copy of the telegram was sent to the UN secretary-general, the Human Rights Commission, UNESCO and the Association of American Poets. LORCA: October 4 was the 20th anniversary of the murder of the great Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca by Franco’s Falangists in the town of Viznar, not far from Granada. ATHENS EXPANDS: Over the last five years, the city of Athens has expanded at an increasing rate as can be seen from the last town plan approved for the capital. The city is now spreading up the slopes of Mt Hymettus to the point where new residents will soon have to take up mountain climbing. The highest house in the city is 305 meters above sea level in the settlement of Kareas.