October 9, 1956

LASZLO RAJK: Budapest, 7 – This afternoon funerals were held here for Laszlo Rajk and his three co-defendants, seven years after they were tried and hanged (during Stalinist purges of the communist parties of Eastern Europe). The cenotaph of the former foreign minister of Hungary and his associates has been built in the city’s central cemetery. Rajk’s widow and the families of the other three «heroes of the Hungarian working class» stood by the cenotaph, while factories and stores closed their doors in a gesture of respect. USSR AND EGYPT: United Nations, New York, 6 – Egypt and Russia are expected to retaliate Monday against Britain and France over the proposal for the Suez Canal which they presented to the UN Security Council yesterday. The plan, as well as the speeches by the two colonial powers’ foreign ministers, was seen as a provocation, because even as their own hands were being bathed in the blood of the Cypriot and Algerian patriots, they were making speeches about justice and disdain for the law. LORCA: October 4 was the 20th anniversary of the murder of the great Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca by Franco’s Falangists in the town of Viznar, not far from Granada.