October 18, 1956

GRIVAS’S PROCLAMATION: A proclamation from the leader of the National Cypriot Fighters’ Organization (EOKA), Digenis (Colonel Georgios Grivas), arrived in Athens last night addressed to the Greek government and the leaders of the Greek political parties, calling for a united national front «so that the entire nation can have a voice with regard to the Cyprus issue, and not only the ruling party… If, despite all hopes, the UN once again turns a deaf ear to the nation, we will continue our struggle with even greater decisiveness, even if it means a holocaust. However, Greece’s politicians must consider their future stance toward the international organizations if they do not seek to implement the principles of justice and morality but become arenas for immoral bargaining and expediency.» EVANGELOS AVEROF: The Greek foreign minister, Mr Evangelos Averof, speaking in Ioannina, said: «The country’s foreign policy, created over 130 years with the blood and sweat of Greeks, is determined solely by the government elected by the people. This will continue as long as we have the confidence of the King and Parliament. I am certain that we are doing our duty by Greece and Cyprus…»