October 20, 1956

POLAND-USSR: London, 20 – The Soviet delegation left Warsaw this morning for Moscow, leaving the Polish capital in an atmosphere of sadness, concern and deep political crisis. According to correspondents in Warsaw, the Russian leaders may have succeeded, for the time being, in averting what they saw as a dangerous emancipation that could turn (Poland) toward the West. Reports of movements by Russian troops at the border were not confirmed and appear to have been inaccurate. Of course the situation remains grave although there does not yet appear to be any risk of an outbreak of military conflict. INCIDENT: At 11 p.m. yesterday on Patission Street there was an unfortunate incident involving a drunk American sailor… Over 500 people gathered to watch the incident, jeering the sailor who, they shouted, should be tried by the Greek authorities. Police officers broke up the crowd and an American patrol was called in to pick up the sailor, only to be jeered in turn by the crowd. ARIA CLUB: Tonight the Aria Club in Pikermi opens with an unusual all-night entertainment program.