October 21, 1956

HUNGARY AND THE USSR: Vienna, 20 – More than 3,000 Hungarian students from the University of Budapest and elsewhere have left the Hungarian Communist Youth organization and formed an independent group which is to call for independence of the press, the abolition of the death sentence, and the removal from positions of authority of all those responsible for serious mistakes in the past. Meanwhile, the Hungarian Education Minister has announced that the Russian language will no longer be taught in all Hungarian schools, and that pupils will be free to learn a language of their own choice. GREECE-HUNGARY: Budapest, 20 – Cabinet has appointed an ambassador to Athens. The Hungarian radio station said that the exchange of ambassadors between Greece and Hungary will re-establish links between the two countries and that the signing of a new trade agreement will set the level of bilateral transactions at 7 million dollars, up from the previous 2.8 million. BRIDES: Sydney, 20 – Two Greek women have returned to Greece after migrating to Australia along with a large group of other women to be married to men they had been corresponding with.