October 23, 1956

GREEKS OF THE USA: New York, 20 – The Boston Monitor newspaper (Ed. note: probably the Christian Science Monitor), analyzing the voting tendencies in the Boston region, observes that foreign policy has rarely influenced voters except for two groups – the Greeks and Jews. The American Greeks, according to a survey, are to vote for (Democrat presidential candidate) Adlai Stevenson because they believe that (Republican Secretary of State) John Foster Dulles supports Great Britain against Greece. The Jews in the country, meanwhile, claim he is in favor of the Arabs. The some 58,000 Greek Americans in the New York region are nearly all planning to vote for Stevenson. EOKA EXECUTIONS: Nicosia, 20 – Within 24 hours, four Cypriots have been murdered by the National Cypriot Fighters’ Organization (EOKA). The four were suspected of being agents of the British tyrants in Cyprus. STUDENTS’ STRIKE: Following an appeal to Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis to abolish the law on tuition fees, the Athens University students’ union has called a strike for October 25, in protest at the high fees.