October 24, 1956

KARAMANLIS AT THE UN: The prime minister, Mr Constantine Karamanlis, told the press yesterday that he personally would lead the Greek delegation that is to support Greece’s recourse to the United Nations on the Cyprus issue. He also confirmed that he considers the opposition’s contribution welcome and useful, and added that a final decision on the composition of the delegation would be reached shortly. This proposal took the political parties by surprise, for until recently they had been undecided even though they are all in agreement as to the substance of the representation to the UN. The prime minister emphasized that government envoys had visited 27 countries to make the content of the representation known. (Ed. note: Among others, Georgios I. Rallis had gone to Scandinavia, Constantine Rodopoulos to Spain and France, and Nikolaos Martis to Syria and Lebanon.) KING PAVLOS: The king has sent a message to UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold regarding the imminent UN General Assembly, expressing the hope that the San Francisco charter… will not ignore the demand of peoples (such as the Cypriots) calling for recognition of their right to be governed as they wish.