October 25, 1956

IMPERIALISM I: Paris, 23 – Poland is in upheaval amid outbursts among the people against Russian rule… In towns including Wroclaw and Cracow there were demonstrations by angry crowds marching through the streets bearing anti-Soviet placards… According to a report from Warsaw, Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev has ordered the cancellation of all military measures against Poland. IMPERIALISM II: Paris, 23 – The situation in North Africa has changed dramatically after the… arrest of five leaders of the Algerian guerrilla movement… The French coup against international law has provoked a general uprising among Arabs in North Africa with strikes, riots, murders and general upheaval. In Meknes, French citizens have been killed. Europeans across North Africa are living in fear. IMPERIALISM III: London, 24 – Russian tanks have entered Budapest to quell the Hungarian uprising. The streets of Budapest are strewn with hundreds of bodies. Tanks, armored divisions and heavy artillery have wreaked destruction among the rebels, who maintained lines of defense until the early hours of the morning… despite the realization of the futility of their struggle.