December 29, 1956

REVIEW OF 1956: New York – A public opinion poll by The Associated Press showed that people considered the revolution in Hungary the most interesting news item of 1956. Also, it was shown that there were more interesting news stories in 1956 than in any other year since the Korean War broke out. The poll presented a total of 56 events in 1956 for the public’s appraisal. People’s second choice was the French-British intervention in Suez and their third choice was the re-election of US President Dwight Eisenhower. Among the top 10 events on the list was the marriage of Prince Rainier of Monaco to Grace Kelly. The Cyprus issue was not among the top 13. The top 10 items on the list were the following: The Hungarian uprising, the Suez crisis, the re-election of Eisenhower, the sinking of the Italian ship Andrea Doria, the collision of two passenger planes above the Grand Canyon, the deaths of six Marines during a forced night march imposed as a punishment and the conviction of the officer in charge, race riots in the southern states of the USA, Rainier’s wedding to Miss Kelly, baseball player Don Larsen’s achievements, and the Soviet Union’s repudiation of Joseph Stalin.