Half-baked deregulation

Across the European Union, consumers can enter a supermarket chain, order bread and receive it warm and just-baked within five minutes. It’s the well-known «bake-off» process. The only equipment needed for a bake-off is a small oven and a fridge to keep the pre-baked bread product. The system can be found in all EU countries – except for Greece. The government talks about the need to abolish closed professions but the responsible minister is hammering out legislation to the contrary, prohibiting small food stores and minimarkets from using this practice. In his attempt to satisfy bakers, Development Minister Dimitris Sioufas has succeeded in letting everyone down. Complaints can be heard from the bakers, bread producers and food store owners. This comes as the result of half-baked deregulation. Sioufas has until January 9 to reconsider his move.