December 25-30, 1956

FROM BETHLEHEM: (From an article by Kleon Paraschos): «Nietzsche is not grieving over the death of the Son of God, he who at this time of year assumed human form in a small village in Palestine. Nietzsche is grieving for the death of Dionysus, whom he wanted to resurrect and enthrone in our souls, driving out the Son of God forever.» RENE LEDUC: Marseilles, 27 – The latest French experimental aircraft, the Leduc-022, which its manufacturers believe will be able to fly at speeds of up to 4,000 kilometers an hour, was taken on its first test flight yesterday at Istres, a military airport near here. The first flight lasted a total of 25 minutes. The aircraft’s speed is theoretically unlimited, but in practice it is restricted by the limitations of the human body, such as the ability to withstand the tension created by very high speeds and the heat barrier. FIRST ELECTRONIC BRAIN IN GREECE: (From a report by G.K.V., probably Georgios K. Venizelos): The first electronic brain has arrived in Greece – for the National Bank of Greece and Athens – and was shown during the First Panhellenic Accounting Conference held recently at the University of Economics and Commercial Science.