February 7, 1957

CYPRIOT STRUGGLE: Nicosia, 6 – The brave Cypriot patriots continue their action against the British colonists, unperturbed by their frequent arrests and acts of vandalism committed against them by the British and their Turkish accomplices. During the night, four bombs exploded, slightly injuring four members of the security forces. One of the bombs partly destroyed a bridge south of Nicosia. Security patrols discovered several bombs and a quantity of explosive material. GREECE-USSR: New York, 6 – The nine countries of the Eastern Alliance are to vote in favor of self-determination for Cyprus. During the talks between the Greek and Soviet delegations, certain points were cleared up and the Cyprus problem was separated from broader interests and relations between Greece and these countries. Greek Foreign Minister Evangelos Averof said he was absolutely satisfied with his talks with his Soviet counterpart. «I wish to make clear that under no circumstances was there any question of Russia using blackmail tactics with regard to its stance on the Cyprus issue.»