February 12, 1957

CARNIVAL: (From a commentary by Eleni Vlachou) – «In Athens over the past few years, the Carnival season has come and gone, offering a mixture of disparate events of varying degrees of festivity, from small private dances to large pretentious balls, always in aid of some philanthropic cause so as to avoid accusations of excessive frivolity. The police have announced their usual, unbelievable orders regarding «Carnival Week,» banning, among other things, colored confetti, naked people painted blue and black, hard objects and sticks. Tavernas may hang up five streamers and two colored lanterns. As lively little shepherdesses, clowns and columbines appear on the streets with their childish cheeks painted with their mothers’ makeup, some bright person has organized a demonstration against the Patras Carnival. Nevertheless, we once used to have lively, joyful, clever Carnival celebrations in Athens, and those who remember them with nostalgia attribute them to the carefree atmosphere of that lovely prewar period. What fun there was with the masks, what excitement was to be had from meeting people in disguise, what teasing and witticisms…»