PASOK shies away from reform campaign

One may choose to abstain from participating in this futile world. But, alas, such option is not available to a political party – even less so for a political party that has repeatedly promised voters to try and change Greece for the better. One ponders why the opposition party PASOK under the leadership of George Papandreou (who has regrettably walked out on his earlier pledges) has decided not to participate in the debate for the revision of the Constitution – in fact, not only in the current but also in the next Parliament. One would hope that the Socialist opposition would be willing to join hands with Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis’s conservative New Democracy administration in its bid to promote the currently stalled economic and political reforms (a delay that is also reflected in recent opinion polls). It is a shame that PASOK seems to be moving in the opposite direction. PASOK’s reluctance risks tilting the party leadership onto a dangerously populist track. Worse, it undermines the much-needed structural reforms, doing great disservice to the country.