The new left has lost its way

The new left has played a key role in Greece’s post-1974 period. Its ranks included some of the most famous intellectuals, artists and politicians. The main feature of the new left was the rejection of PASOK’s unfettered populism and its critical attitude toward established dogmas. Although its electoral percentage never really took off, the new left enjoyed considerable influence over national political discourse. It makes one sad to see the party of Left Coalition Synaspismos, the inheritor of that political legacy, adopt an extreme viewpoint on all major issues today. Synaspismos leader Alekos Alavanos has repeatedly shoved the party toward the edges of political discourse, going as far as to justify the use of Molotov cocktails as an antidote to armchair politics. Greece needs a more creative left, one that will keep clear from blanket rejections. Synaspismos seems to have little to offer apart from rehashing the worn-out soundbite quotes. What a pity indeed.