February 17, 1957

GRAINS: Imports of American grain are continuing to arrive to supply the mills. It is estimated that even more will be required to fulfill needs at the mills and on the market until the new crop is harvested. Prices are as follows: soft Thessaly wheat at 3.95 drachmas per oka (about 1.28 kilos), Medana at 4.19 drachmas, hard Thrace wheat at 4.60 drachmas. Prices of secondary grains, although considerable quantities of them have arrived from America, are slightly increased. Corn is being sold at 3.60-3.90 drachmas, barley 3.90-4 drachmas and bran at 4.30 drachmas. Cottonseed is being sold at the new market price of 2.70 drachmas per oka. MIKIS THEODORAKIS: The Greek Dance Drama Company (Elliniko Horodrama) is giving a performance the day after tomorrow of Mikis Theodorakis’s «Greek Carnival» at the Kentrikon Theater. Angelos Grimanis and Robertos Saragas are taking part along with Dora Tsatsou and Agapi. The dance company is also to give two performances for children on Wednesday, February 27, at 4 p.m.and on Sunday, March 3, at 11 a.m. in the same theater.