Politicians should set the example

The public is not as naive as we tend to think in this country, so perhaps it is worth reiterating a neglected truth – that political parties are not profit-seeking companies nor are politicians their major shareholders. If we accept the aforementioned conviction, we can surmise that it is not the role of politicians to maximize their own profits, to seek enjoyment from power. Their mission is to propose and exercise policies which serve to solve chronic problems in our society that exploit its potential and broaden its opportunities for development. The reality of today’s society requires, more than ever before, that politicians lead a national endeavor and serve as examples so that all of us can work together in the same pursuit, and with consensus, pushing through bold reforms as part of a long-term plan to improve our common lot. If they do not do this, there will be no point in seeking the answer to the implacable question: «Who is to blame?» In the face of the resulting failure, we will all be to blame.