TV ‘news’ hits rock bottom

Some thought – or perhaps hoped – that Greece’s television channels could stoop no lower. The death of IKA chief Yiannis Vartholomaios has proved them wrong. TV coverage of the news revealed a bottomless pit of innuendo, sexism and misinformation. Keyhole journalism, using the pretext of the common good, was once again king. Hence, on the eve of the government’s submission of the new university legislation, the Greek public watched the suspect’s testimony. The divorce of the two main characters dominated the airwaves as the wife’s lawyer was speaking live on national television. The talking heads went wild, shunning the regulations set by the National Radio and Television Council (ESR) or laws that prohibit one from dishonoring the dead. It’s often said that people get the television they deserve. But no one can possibly deserve the so-called news bulletins that we have seen of late. No one but their creators.