February 23, 1967

UN RESOLUTION ON CYPRUS: United Nations, 22 – The UN Political Committee this afternoon approved the proposal by the Indian delegate Krishna Menon by 76-0 votes, with two abstentions, after a five-day debate on the Cyprus issue. The text of the proposal is as follows: «The General Assembly, having examined the Cyprus issue, and believing that the resolution of this problem requires an atmosphere of peace and free speech, expresses its sincere desire for a peaceful, democratic and just solution in accordance with the principles of the UN Charter. It expresses the hope that negotiations will resume and continue towards that end.» Afghanistan and Panama abstained from the vote; Hungary and South Africa were not represented at the sessions. Before the vote, the committee had decided to give priority to the Indian proposal. After it was approved, following a request from the Persian delegation, the representatives of Greece, Britain and Panama withdrew the draft resolutions they had submitted. This triumphant result was achieved after five days of a hard and proud struggle by Greece at the UN General Assembly’s Political Committee.