Time to assume responsibility

Some people out there are vehemently protesting a profoundly selfish argument – namely, that democracy is not the power of the majority but rather the power of the minority (little surprise, they are themselves members of that minority). Their stance implies that the decisions of Parliament and the laws of the Hellenic Republic should only be implemented should they wish it so. Others again are secretly turning their ministerial bureaus into political campaign centers, effectively discarding their mission for the sake of vote-grabbing concerns. Their behavior reflects the opinion that fulfilling the duties entrusted to them by the prime minister comes after their re-election. The problem, of course, is that it is the voters who will be called on to pay the price of politicians’ irresponsibility. Worse, this unfair and anti-democratic scenario is becoming extremely likely. In addition, it’s being fueled by expectations of early elections – a rumor that has been very hard to defeat. It’s time that these politicians assumed their responsibilities. There is no such thing as a deadlock in a democracy.