February 27, 1957

CALLAS’S PAYCHECK: Over the past few days there have been reports in some newspapers to the effect that the Athens Festival has agreed to pay the famous Greek soprano Maria Callas – who is to open the festival on August 1 with a concert to be repeated on August 5 – double her usual fee. Following these untrue reports, a number of criticisms have been aired. The Athens Festival management has announced that contrary to the reports, the contract signed by the famous opera singer is for half of the amount she is usually paid for appearances. While she is to receive $4,500 for each of her Athens concerts, only a month ago she received $10,000 for a concert in Chicago. It added that at the time she is to sing in Greece, Calls has also received a proposal to sing in Chicago again for the same fee… Apart from the fact that Callas agreed to sing in Athens for half the fee she would receive in Chicago, she also agreed that the two concerts at the Herod Atticus Theater could be broadcast on radio. Usually, when singers agree to a radio broadcasts, they receive an additional fee.