The capital city is under attack

Greece is suffering a serious public order deficit. Many recent incidents are unique to Greece among the countries of Europe. Attacks with makeshift incendiary devices and petrol bombs, the attack on the US Embassy with a rocket-propelled grenade, the disarming of a special guard and attacks against police stations have become routine. The state appears to have lost control over historic parts of the capital. Worse still, it seems the government does not possess the political will to deal with the security threat. Do the police lack the operational capability to clamp down on the self-styled anarchist groups that go on the rampage? If so, why doesn’t Greece seek some outside assistance as it did ahead of the 2004 Games? The Greek police must overcome the current crisis by taking some serious action. There is no time to spare. With every successful strike, the masked youths grow more audacious. It is imperative that the police effectively carry out their duties.