May 4, 1957

OPPOSITION AND KARAMANLIS: The Liberals (led by George Papandreou and Sophocles Venizelos) and the Democratic Party of the Working People (led by Georgios Kartalis) decided during yesterday’s ad hoc meetings of parliamentary groups to protest the temporary halting of Parliament sessions by withdrawing their deputies from the Parliamentary Authority Committee and by holding rallies throughout the country, during which they will condemn the government of Constantine Karamanlis as a «danger to the nation.» The first rally will be held in Athens, to be followed by others in provincial towns. The Liberals will make these decisions public tomorrow (Monday) in the form of lengthy proclamations that will refer, inter alia, to the reasons that have obliged them to withdraw from the committee and step up the political struggle against the government. In response, the government announced that its stance on the Eisenhower Doctrine opened up major possibilities for the country without creating additional obligations. The government also stressed that the temporary halt to parliamentary sessions had nothing to do with political developments.