May 5, 1957

JULES DASSIN: Cannes, 4 – A diplomatic incident has arisen during the Cannes Film Festival over the screening of Jules Dassin’s film «He Who Must Die,» adapted from Nikos Kazantzakis’s novel «The Last Temptation of Christ.» The Turkish delegation requested the cutting of a scene from the film depicting the Turkish Aga brutally executing innocent Greeks for fun. So far the Turks’ demand has not been taken seriously, but they are threatening to make an issue of it. JOSEPH McCARTHY: New York, 3 – The «Grand Inquisitor» of America – as Joseph McCarthy has been called – has died here at the age of 47. Four years ago, millions of people hung from his every word as he sought out communists, terrorized the American army and embarrassed US President Dwight Eisenhower. His supporters saw him as the next president of the US. However, when they realized their mistake, they abandoned him in en masse. Eisenhower sent a telegram of condolence to his wife. Former president Harry Truman, who had once called him a «pathological character assassin,» described McCarthy’s death as a «great loss.»