May 12, 1957

Electricity program: Athens, 12 – During the latest meeting of the Cabinet’s economic committee, chaired by Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis, approval was given to a five-year electricity program recommended by Industry Minister Panayis Papaligouras which has already been started by the Public Power Corporation (PPC). The program, to be completed by 1961, has a budget of 4,016 million drachmas for the construction of nine power plants, both thermal and hydroelectric, which will triple the amount of power available from PPC, which now stands at 830 million kilowatt hours annually. Provisions were also made for extending the distribution network so that power can be available to the industries of manufacturing and agriculture, even for household use in the countryside. As of July 1, the flat fee of 1.90 drachmas per kilowatt is to be extended to the islands, and PPC is to buy the power plants on the islands to modernize them. This program ensures one of the main conditions necessary for the success of the development program for production which the prime minister announced on April 7.