May 14, 1957

EOKA TERRORISM: Nicosia, 11 – The British administrative secretary John Reddaway, in a letter to the villagers of Engomi in the Famagusta area, who had asked Cyprus Governor Field Marshal Sir John Harding to lift emergency measures, said the governor could not abolish the measures completely «before the remaining terrorists are killed, taken prisoner or leave Cyprus.» DIVISION OF CYPRUS: Ankara, 11 – According to a recent editorial in a leading Ankara daily newspaper, the Turkish government is concerned about recent rumors of new plans to settle the Cyprus issue. The author of the editorial notes that union is no longer being discussed but that there are two plans: one being self-government monitored by NATO and the other, independence with United Nations membership. These plans are virtually one and the same, according to the newspaper, which characterized it as a concealed attempt to annex the island to Greece and subjugate the Turkish minority to the Greek majority. For Turkey, it said, only one solution was possible. and that was the division of the island.