To take action or sink into lethargy?

The government is currently at a critical crossroad and can choose one of two paths. The first option is that of summer lethargy. Already, some ministers have stated, off the record, that they are not willing to press ahead with the tasks with which they have been assigned because of the potential political cost. The other option is to activate the government machinery for the timely implementation of solutions to certain pressing problems. Among the challenges facing the government are the need to restore public security, the combatting of a recent resurgence in domestic terrorism, dealing with Greece’s energy shortfalls and the modernization of the country’s ports. Irrespective of when general elections are held – whether next March as scheduled or this fall – the country needs a strong government with specific goals and timetables if it is to prosper. We can all understand the need of ministers to promote themselves by taking part in television debates. However, responsible politicians are judged by the results of their efforts. Voters are fed up with the constant TV appearances of politicians and are keen to focus on those who are actually being productive.