May 15, 1957

ARMY WORKS: The deputy prime minister has signed a number of decisions regarding projects to be carried out by army units this year. These decisions have already been sent to the prefects, and the Defense Ministry has been appointed to organize and carry them out; the technical supervision will be the responsibility of the prefecture. US SIXTH FLEET: It has been announced that units of the Sixth Fleet of the US Navy led by the Forrestal, the world’s largest aircraft carrier, will arrive in Faliron Bay today. URANIUM IN LARISSA: Industry Ministry officials have expressed reservations about a report from Larissa claiming that uranium had been found in the region. They said there was no reason for undue optimism until it had first been ascertained that the size of any deposits would justify commercial exploitation. PAPANDREOU AND VENIZELOS: 8 – The leaders of the Liberals, Sophocles Venizelos and George Papandreou, are to present their views on the political situation to King Pavlos today. They are expected to emphasize the risks to national interests and to the country’s democratic institutions posed by the ongoing arbitrariness and the political coups engineered by the government of Constantine Karamanlis.