May 23, 1957

KARAMANLIS AND THE OPPOSITION: During the first day yesterday of an ad hoc parliamentary session, it became clear that the opposition Liberals, who had called for the session to be held for Parliament to be briefed on issues of national interest, followed by a debate, had come completely unprepared. In reality, it was simply trying to create a fuss and nothing more. One of the leaders of the Liberals, Sophocles Venizelos, refused to call for a no-confidence vote against the government when he was invited to do so by Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis, who then on behalf of the government called for a debate on all issues. During his speech, the other leader of the Liberals, George Papandreou… showed that the opposition had no new facts or arguments against any particular issue nor against the government’s foreign policy in general. He referred to various issues and then… suggested that Parliament deal with the question of a new electoral law, for which there is no real need at this time, since not even the Liberals dared to ask Parliament to hold a vote of confidence in the government.