May 24, 1957

GILBERT MURRAY: Gilbert Murray, an admirer of the ancient Greek spirit and a humanist who died a few days ago (May 20, 1957) at the age of 91, is mourned by three generations. Firstly, his contemporaries, those who were taught by him and those who knew the man and his work at a time when he was already over 60 years of age. Generations to come will no doubt be just as impressed by Murray, a rebel against the tradition which held that the ancient Greek spirit was the exclusive property of the wise men who spend their time in libraries. Murray brought ancient Greece, its thought, culture and above all ancient Greek drama to the average reader. With Murray, ancient Greek theater again became what it had once been, a sacred act which, with the help of music and speech, was a conflict of passions, whether in tragedy or comedy. George Gilbert Murray was born in 1866 in Sydney, Australia. At the age of 11, his family moved to Britain. After graduating from Oxford University he was offered the chair of ancient Greek at Glasgow University, where he became known as a great educator and unique speaker. His «History of Ancient Greek Literature» was published in 1897.