May 25, 1957

TELEVISION FOR GREECE: (From «An Athenian’s Notes») A few days ago, Al Stern, the chairman of the board of the US National Radio and Television Broadcasting Company, arrived in Greece. His visit to Athens, which is part of a tour of a number of European cities, is related to the firm’s plans to open a European television station as well as a number of smaller ones in various European countries. According to reliable sources, some other American firms have also indicated an interest in beginning a television station here in Greece and have held discussions with the government. Naturally, the costs would be enormous, perhaps as much as 750,000 dollars for the installations and the operation of the station for a year. Television sets themselves would also be expensive, as, even in America, their prices range from 150 to 400 dollars. However, there is no doubt that the introduction of television would mean progress as well as jobs for many entertainers, technicians, journalists and other staff. Mainly, however, television could be used for educational purposes for both young and old. So let us hope it will come to fruition.