May 26, 1957

IOANNIS PAPADOPOULOS: (From «An Athenian’s Notes»): University Professor Ioannis Papadopoulos, who died this week at his home in Nea Smyrni, was one of the most distinguished academics in modern Greece. An internationally renowned Byzantinologist, a scholar of medieval Greek literature and the author of a number of historical texts, he was an unusual person in that apart from his work he was not interested in any other aspect of life. Experts consider his works published in French as classics. FRESH PRODUCE MARKET: As the new grain harvest approaches, reserves of stocks are almost exhausted. There is some concern about this year’s output due to the continuing rain. Most of what is being sold at present is imported and domestic wheat from Thessaly. Meanwhile, olive oil prices are likely to fall after reports that this year’s produce will be satisfactory. Although Egyptian rice is being sold here, the price has not changed as there is high demand for all varieties. Demand for pulses is also high, especially for beans, and there are plentiful stocks. Plentiful supplies of coffee on the market have kept prices low.