May 30, 1957

TELEVISION FOR GREECE: (From «An Athenian’s Notes») A few days ago, Al Stern, the chairman of the board of the US National Radio and Television Broadcasting Company, arrived in Greece. His visit to Athens, which is part of a tour of a number of European cities, is related to the firm’s plans to open a European television station. FRESH PRODUCE MARKET: As the new grain harvest approaches, reserves of stocks are almost completely exhausted. There is some concern about this year’s crops due to the continuing rain. Most of what is being sold at present is imported as well as domestic wheat from Thessaly. Meanwhile, olive oil prices are likely to fall after reports that this year’s produce will be satisfactory. GREECE AND EASTERN BLOC: (From a report by Ilias P. Dimtrakopoulos) According to reliable sources, Greece is once more at the center of diplomatic activity involving the countries of the Eastern bloc (…) There have been indications lately that Sofia would like to settle various economic demands by Greece (…) The Bulgarian government has accepted in principle Greece’s request to reopen its consulates in Varna, Pyrgos and Plovdiv.