August 1, 1957

BETWEEN EAST AND WEST: Bonn, 31 – Garry Davis, the first Citizen of the World, is once again behind bars. By order of the authorities in Hanover, Germany, Davis has been arrested for illegally entering the country. Davis, who left Le Havre on July 21, went to the Soviet zone in Germany a week later for the purpose of reaching Berlin where he was planning to set up the headquarters of the Citizens of the World. Police in the Democratic Republic of Germany refused to recognize his passport, which was of his own making, and led him to the Berlin Wall, where West German police wanted to send him back. However, Davis refused to do so and fled after tearing up his passport. He was eventually arrested and taken to Hanover for the purpose of clarifying his situation. He has meanwhile been remanded in custody. NEW ‘BEETLE’: Wolfsburg (Lower Saxony), 31 – According to an announcement from the Volkswagen factory, a new model of the famous German car is to begin production today. It will have a larger rear window than in the current model and will be curved. No changes are expected to be made to the engine, and the sales price is to remain unchanged. The factory produces more than 1,000 vehicles a day.