August 2, 1957

SOLUTION THROUGH ARMS: Nicosia, 1 – A proclamation from the Cypriot Struggle Political Committee (PEKA) was circulated early this morning, urging Cypriots to prepare for a «lengthy campaign.» «It is highly unlikely that Britain will leave Cyprus of its own accord,» said the proclamation. «We will oust them using every means possible.» It added that the leader of the National Cypriot Fighters’ Organization, known as Digenis, was of the opinion that the problem on Cyprus could only be settled by the force of arms. He gave the assurance that the Cypriot people were willing to make new sacrifices and emphasized in short that: «We will continue the struggle until the final victory, and will not tire.» «The British are foolish if they believe that the Cypriots are exhausted. On the contrary, they are ready to resume the struggle.» The proclamation, seen as the most violent issued so far by PEKA, adds that «while Greece was struggling against the Italians in the Second World War and saving British soldiers from death in North Africa, Turkey stayed neutral and flirted with the Germans. Now the British are embracing the Turks, whom they are using against the Greeks in Cyprus. Why? Because the Cypriots want their freedom.»