Commission foot-dragging

It’s hard to see what sort of «legal complexities» have prevented the Competition Commission from issuing a report on its investigation into the milk cartel allegations, currently in its third year. The commission and the responsible ministers have announced, at least five times, that the conclusions of the investigation «will be issued shortly.» Moreover, the investigation had unveiled a scandal that shook the public less than a year ago: Note that former commission officials have been charged with bribe taking on the case. For these reasons, the commission’s members ought to have published their conclusions before going on their summer break. The case has been pending since 2004. The commission officials are expected to be thorough in their inquiry but also punctual. The public expects to see the case wrapped up soon. After all, the money for the various watchdogs and committees comes from their pockets. They have a specific task to perform, and not just to offer an opinion on the complexity of the case.